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Jual Pcp Marauder Lokal OD 38

- Wednesday, February 28, 2018

PCP Marauder Wolverine Magazine adalah sejenis senapan PCP yang dapat digunakan untuk berburu buruan besar, senapan dilengkapi magazine isi 14. benjamin marauder lokal berkisar di harga 3-4jutaan, memiliki tampilan garang dan premium. juga popor yang cukup nyaman dipakai pada posisi menembak.

Adapun Spesifikasi Marauder Wolverine dibawah ini
Panjang 110cm
Panjang laras 65 
Alur Laras 12 Spiral
OD Laras 14mm
Caliber 4.5mm
Ukuran Srobong 19
Jenis Tabung Dural 
OD Tabung 38
Max pres 3000psi
Main aman 2800psi
Popor FX Wolverine
kekuatan 1000-1400fps
Magazin 14 mimis (Rotary)
Peredam Ya (Dijual Terpisah)
Teleskop Ya (Dijual Terpisah)
Berat Senapan 3Kg

Dalam setiap penjualan akan dilengkapi dengan:
Senapan Marauder Wolverine
Tas Busa

Untuk pengiriman, bisa dibaca ketentuan dibawah
A. pengiriman dilakukan melalui Pos Indonesia
B. pengiriman kami usahakan menggunakan packing kayu
C. barang kami kirimkan inshaallah aman

Silahkan dibaca-baca yang tertulis diatas sebelum melakukan transaksi dengan MAX GUNS ISSUE.


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6 New Rifles Showed on NASGW 2016

- Thursday, October 27, 2016
NASGW 2016 Logo
What's up MGIers? ready to take a look at NASGW 2016? as it already done.
NASGW 2016 has been begun tuesday in Kansas City(TX), and there are now various indicated hot new rifles.
The yearly expo from the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers(NASGW) permits shooting sports experts to direct business and elements a portion of the most current items to hit the market.
Let's Investigate six rifles on the NASGW 2016 item case. and seek to indicate what Listed Gun on NASGW 2016 Has To offer.

2A Armament BLR-16 Rifle 

2A Armament BLR-16 Rifle
Size: 16″ barrel
Models: BLR-16

2A-Armament has embarked to convey an industrial facility constructed, lightweight rifle that consolidates the greater part of the organization's most well known items into one astounding rifle. 2A began the establishment of its rifle with the BALIOS-lite recipient set. 2A then included each titanium segment it makes, and consolidated it with a portion of the best parts found all through the business to convey a turn-key arrangement. Key components include: the 2a BL-RAIL that uses the organization's pressure bolt plan for connection, M-LOK, or KeyMod mounting arrangement, 6AL-4V titanium barrel nut, titanium gas square, titanium takedown pins, and titanium T3 Compensator. These things include visual claim and additionally consumption resistance. Every rifle is hand gathered when requested, test discharged, and upheld by 2A's bolster staff. Cost: $2,177. For more data, please visit

DoubleStar MDM (Modern Designated Marksman) 

DoubleStar MDM (Modern Designated Marksman)

Measure: 16″ barrel
Overall Length 37″
Weight: 8.35 lbs. (emptied)
Models: DSCR137

The MDM (Modern Designated Marksman) is outlined with First Responders. The MDM is an in with no reservations one bundle. Exceptionally exact air gaged barrel; ergonomic furniture; and general lightweight setup makes the MDM a flexible rifle. 5.56x45mm Nato gauge; 16″ WAG barrel; 1:8 turn; M4 Feedramps, 15″ Samson Evolution handguard; Magpul ACS buttstock; Harris LM-S Bipod. Cost: $1,098.03. For more data, please visit

FightLite Industries MCR 

FightLite Industries MCR
The earth shattering MCR (Mission Configurable Rifle) standard components incorporate gas-cylinder operation, a speedy change barrel framework (three seconds) and a MIL-STD 1913 or discretionary KeyMod co-planar hand-protect with rail-interface framework for the mounting of optics and cutting edge embellishments. The MCR acknowledges standard box sort AR15/M16 magazines or M27 connected ammo. Cost: N/A. For more data, please visit

Howa HCR – Chassis Rifle Scoped Package 

Howa HCR – Chassis Rifle Scoped Package 
Measure: .223, .243, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308
Display: 3. Display: Black Scoped Rifle/Threaded Model Available

The Howa HCR Scoped bundle consolidates accuracy Howa surged activities and an exactness designed aluminum undercarriage framework that out plays out all other production line exactness rifles that incorporates a Nikko Stirling Diamond Long Range 30mm 4-16×50 extension. On account of precision and measured quality, the Howa HCR permits the shooter to change and arrange the rifle to their necessities ensuring that any shooter can rapidly and precisely put adjusts on target. Cost: $1,039. For more data, please visit

Inter Ordnance M214 Tactical AK47 Rifle 

Inter Ordnance M214 Tactical AK47 Rifle
Models: M214 Tactical

Inter Ordnance has declared the overhauled for 2016, M214 Tactical AK47 Rifle. New elements included incorporate Inter Ordnance's upgraded elastic overmolded single handed grip, its RPK style raise locate flexible for windage a rise, and its improved security lever. Cost: $799.95. For more data, please visit

TNW Firearms Aero Survival Rifle 10mm 

TNW Firearms Aero Survival Rifle 10mm

Size: 10mm
Demonstrate: ASR

TNW Firearms has declared its new Aero Survival Rifle in 10mm for NASGW 2016. It's the initial 10mm rifle of its kind. The Aero Survival Rifle, well known for its removable barrel and effectively convertible bore changes, is a champ in home resistance, hiking, sailing, and boondocks flying. The Aero Survival Rifle is accessible in hard dark anodize, two variegated completions (pink, and green), OD green, and tan. Other accessible bores are 9mm, .40S&W, .45ACP and .357SIG. Cost: $799. For more data, please visit

Spec Ops Note: Air Baloon in US Civil Wars

- Wednesday, October 26, 2016
Thaddeus Lowe introduced itemized proposition and exhibitions to President Lincoln. 
With the Civil War going to eject in April 1861, Thaddeus S.C. Lowe chose to fly his hot air swell from Cincinnati to Washington, D.C., to offer aeronautical administrations to President Abraham Lincoln and the Union cause. Be that as it may, a rebel wind passed him over course, and he crash-arrived in Columbia, S.C. In any case, that misfortune just postponed a meeting that would always show signs of change the way armed forces assembled data about their foes.

Lowe and his inflatable at last landed in Washington in June 1861, this time making the outing via prepare rather than hot air. On June 16, he climbed 500 feet over the Mall, his inflatable fastened to the ground by wires and connected to spectators by broadcast. He reported that he could see 25 miles every which way, and noticed the places of every single Union troop encompassing the capital.

President Lincoln quickly observed the advantage of having spies in the sky, and he shaped the Balloon Corps and gave Lowe cash to build a spy expand.

In September, Lowe, from a tallness of 1,000 feet, transferred the position of Confederate troops at Falls Church, Va., to Union ordnance three miles away. On account of this data, the Union Army could focus on the in the past concealed Confederate position, denoting the principal utilization of a forward cannons eyewitness.

the proposal of 1861 air baloon
Lowe in the end built eight hot air inflatables utilizing India silk and cotton covered with varnish, and he built up a versatile hydrogen generator so inflatables could be transported level then expanded at fight locales.

Despite the fact that not every single Union general were captivated with Lowe's rendition of present day data innovation, his hot air expands by and by accumulated intel for Union strengths at a few key fight destinations, including Yorktown, Seven Pines, Antietam, and Fredericksburg. Lowe transferred messages to the ground utilizing broadcast, flag banners, hand flags, lights, and note-filled canisters dropped to the ground.

As armed forces turned out to be more versatile, the interest for Lowe's administrations decreased. Despite the fact that he resigned in 1863 and the Balloon Corps disbanded, another type of insight social occasion was propelled. From Zeppelins in WWI to spy planes, satellites, and today's cyberwarfare, the world's spies continually look for inventive techniques for hauling intel out of the air.

Guns 101: Inside Look to Glock Free Handgun Training

Guns 101 graduates take in significantly more than how their new handgun functions. It's a strong establishment for all mindful firearm proprietors. 
Your first gun can threaten, particularly when it's a handgun you expect to convey for individual assurance. Also, there's no lack of individuals, at weapon ranges or on Internet discussions, who think they can, and ought to, show you the rudiments of dependable gun possession and operations. Their lessons are constantly free and generally justified regardless of each penny. On the off chance that exclusive genuine mastery were as moderate and simple to discover. All things considered, on the off chance that you have admittance to the Internet, it is: At Glock's Pistols 101, the precise, educated counsel is only a mouse click away—and it's free.

Glock realizes that a glad client is a very much educated, prepared and certain weapon proprietor. Keeping that in mind, Glock built up a straightforward, precise and intelligent program for its site that does significantly more than essentially remind you to be a sheltered and capable firearm proprietor—it gives you the information to be one. "We trust that the initial step to being a mindful weapon proprietor is knowing how to handle your gun securely," Glock said.

Glock's Pistols 101 is an electronic intelligent instructional exercise that takes individuals, paying little heed to their experience level with guns, through a straightforward, exact and enlightening course of study. While the fundamental handgun course takes into account new guns proprietors, Pistols 101 addresses each level of experience, giving a strong, authentic prologue to the guns world for amateurs and a snappy refresher on the essentials for the accomplished. To gage client fulfillment, I as of late had an opportunity to converse with one of Glock's most up to date clients, Jessica Bowling of Virginia, who now claims a Glock 42 in .380 ACP.

Rocking the bowling alley's inspiration for purchasing a handgun was one shared by many individuals. "When I had my child, all my maternal impulses kicked in," Bowling said. "It was something I knew I expected to do." Bowling said she picked Glock over a totally open field of handgun decisions due to its development and ergonomics.

"I picked a Glock in light of the fact that I loved the way it felt in my grasp and the general look of it. I experimented with a couple of various guns before settling on the Glock."

Rocking the bowling alley said she at last chose to run with the G42, the littlest Glock underway today, in light of the fact that, as she says, "it gave me the most control, and I shot all the more precisely in view of the certainty that control gave me."

"I know Glock is utilized by law requirement," she included, "and that all by itself made me feel like it's the most solid." Not having had much related knowledge with guns, Bowling was excited to try Pistols 101 out.

The program is partitioned into four essential segments: Learn Gun Safety, Learn About Handguns, Learn About Ammo and Learn About The Process. Since Pistols 101 is web based, understudies can pick when and at what pace to take a class. Each segment is repeatable. Knocking down some pins said she found the instructional exercise instantly accommodating. "I loved that it's effortlessly open and outwardly simple to peruse through. At times data like this can get tedious and overpowering. This is separated pleasantly, making it a easy read."

For a newcomer like Bowling, it's important that the data be displayed altogether yet unmistakably—and on that score, among others, Pistols 101 succeeds. "I thought the instructive program was to a great degree educational. It separated the data in a way that somebody with constrained experience could without much of a stretch leave recalling what they've realized. It's not loaded with scaring language and acronyms. The terms they utilize are clarified completely and the data assembles pleasantly."

This is what Bowling needed to say in regards to every segment of Guns 101:

Learn Gun Safety: "I saw Rule 9: 'Guarantee all clients are legitimately prepared.' This may appear to be alarming to you, my posting this as something new I learned. It's not really something I didn't have the foggiest idea, but rather it was a pleasant update since it's not more often than not something you consider. It's something numerous individuals accept: 'You're a grown-up, you likely get the idea.' That's not a protected practice, however. As you probably are aware, there's a great deal more to a gun, and I'll ensure that I give a snappy once-over of my Glock before always giving it to somebody to shoot."

Find out About Handguns: "I discovered [the instructional exercise on the gun's action] to be greatly useful, and one might say, it's presumably the most essential thing to think about a firearm. It's something I hear individuals allude to, yet I've never completely gotten a handle on the idea. I get it now. Much appreciated, Pistols 101!"

Find out About Ammo: "I didn't know how ammo is measured. This was a deep rooted riddle to me. Ammo is measured by the slug's distance across. I'm going to inspire my significant other with this new information."

Take in The Process: "In this segment of the course, it says, 'Know your laws.' I think this is presumably the most imperative thing to detract from the preparation. Knowing your gun is critical, yet knowing when and where you can utilize it could be the distinction between sparing an existence or spending your life in prison."

Accommodating How-Tos 

While Pistols 101 is straightforward, Bowling felt the course was advantageous. "I thought every segment secured as much as it could. I'm certain any new gun client would have the capacity to leave this instructional exercise with a total comprehension of how their firearm functions, how to utilize it securely and how to keep it functioning appropriately.

"Guns are threatening," said Bowling. "Should be, however they are much the same as whatever else. The more you practice with them, the more agreeable you will get. This is another progression in helping me feel great with my gun. It removed somewhat more secret from it for me, and that makes it appear to be more sensible and somewhat less terrifying. The obscure is what's alarming, so I would energize ladies, as well as all gun proprietors, to use this instructional exercise."

This article was distributed in the 2016 release of the Complete Book of Handguns. For data on the best way to subscribe, please email or call 1-800-284-5668.

Spec Ops Note: Failed American Hostage Rescue in Syria

- Tuesday, October 25, 2016
Steven Sotloff the other American prisoner in Syria that U.S. failed to save.
This fizzled mission, which spoke to the first run through — to the extent we know — that American battle boots hit the ground amid the common war in Syria, was just recognized by the Pentagon in August 2014 (over two months after the operation, which occurred in the early morning hours of July 3) when it turned out to be obvious that few news sources had found out about the operation and were arranging reports about it.

And, after its all said and done, there was almost no recognized on the record, aside from a confirmation that few dozen extraordinary powers arrived in Syria and looked a territory where Americans James Foley and Steven Sotloff and a few different prisoners were thought to be held by ISIS, the activist gathering then in charge of expansive swaths of Syria and Iraq.

Lamentably, the commandos found that the prisoners had been moved, maybe as of late as 72 hours before the operation occurred.

The Pentagon recognized that the extraordinary powers occupied with a brief firefight with ISIS, murdered a few of them, and got away, with a minor damage to one officer the main loss on the U.S. side of the operation.

Unknown sources inside the administration later offered more detail. The assault, as indicated by these sources, occurred only southeast of Ar-Raqqah in northern Syria, an especially risky area, given that Ar-Raqqah was a true capital for ISIS inside Syria.

Sources likewise recommended that the extraordinary powers included were individuals from Delta Force.

James Foley was one of the two American hostages held captive in Syria.
At long last, unknown authorities demonstrated that the quantity of powers utilized, and also the reinforcement included — a source told the Wall Street Journal that an expansive Quick Reaction Team was accessible if the need arises adjacent to get ready for the likelihood of an assault from ISIS powers — was bigger than might typically be utilized for such an operation.

The particular weaponry and transport hardware utilized stay obscure, however given the similitude of the attack to different endeavors, it appears to be likely that UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters were the essential method of transportation.

The disappointment of the mission mirrored the trouble of getting strong knowledge inside Syria without operators on the ground, and additionally the constrained utility of insight assembled from the skies.

The story had a disastrous end: On Aug. 19, video seemed online of James Foley being decapitated. A comparable video hit the Internet on Sept. 2, demonstrating the execution of Steven Sotloff.

For The Simple Facts

Dates: July 3, 2014
Area: Near Ar-Raqqah, in northern Syria
U.S. Powers: Delta Force commandos

Adversary/Target: Americans James Foley, Steven Sotloff, and an unverified number of extra prisoners being held by ISIS.

Spec Ops Note: The Baraawe Raid of 2009


Maybe the SEALs were transported to Baraawe in a helicopter like a MH-6 Little Bird like the one Rangers are leaving here.

American knowledge had been viewing Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan for a considerable length of time, searching for a chance to take him out. Generally accepted to be the driving force of the 2002 suicide bombarding of the Paradise Hotel in Mombasa, Kenya, that left 12 Kenyans and three Israelis dead and handfuls more injured, Nabhan was likewise unequivocally involved in the 1998 bombings of the U.S. consulates in Kenya and Tanzania.

When it was found out that he would be in a secluded caravan on a street far from the populated focal point of Baraawe, the choice was made to make a move promptly despite the dangers of a daytime operation, assigned Operation Celestial Balance.

Spec Ops ID : Operation Celestial Balance

"This approach was 'How about we do it rapidly, quickly and affirm he's gone,'" a senior military guide, who talked on the state of namelessness, told The New York Times.

As indicated by a few sources, no less than four helicopters, two of them lethal AH-6 gunships conveying a group of Navy SEALs, discharged on the caravan, obliterating the trucks and slaughtering, as per a few reports, six outside contenders, including Nabhan and three Somali individuals from al-Shabaab. The SEAL group then left the helicopters, investigated the harm, and took away the assortments of Nabhan and a few other adversary soldiers.

"This is extremely huge," the senior consultant told the Times, "since it takes away a man who's been a fundamental channel between the East Africa radicals and huge Al Qaeda."

For The Simple Facts 

Dates: Sept. 14, 2009
Area: Near Baraawe, in southern Somalia
U.S. Powers: 160th SOAR, Navy SEALS

Foe/Target: Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, fear based oppressor pioneer with binds to the nearby Somali gathering Al-Shabaab and additionally Al Qaeda

Gear: Unidentified American warship, no less than two AH-6 helicopters

Spec Ops Note: Raid Targets in Abu Kamal for Major Terrorists

In spite of the fact that unverified, US Special Forces supposedly struck Abu Ghadiya's Al Qaeda-subsidiary sneaking system in a 2008 Syrian attack. 
A number of the points of interest of Abu Kamal Raid stay questionable and unsubstantiated, however the exposed frameworks are these.

American authorities had been worried for a considerable length of time by the capacity of systems like Ghadiya's to work with exemption inside Syria's outskirts and effectively pirate help, including warriors, into Iraq to bolster the continuous rebellion there.

Since Ghadiya's gathering additionally restricted the Assad administration in Syria, a few sources recommend that the Syrians gave a portion of the insight utilized amid the U.S. strike, making their judgment of the American activity after the occasion all around deceptive.

At the point when the Black Hawks landed at their objective, a working under development in the residential community of Sukkariyah in eastern Syria close to the bigger town of Abu Kamal, they instantly experienced harsh criticism, including savage RPGs (The first arrangement had clearly been to slip in and get Ghadiya with negligible savagery).

Spec Ops Raid the targets

Two of the helicopters embedded the unique operations compels on the ground while the other two gave covering fire. The savage firefight that took after brought about seven (or eight) Syrian passings and none on the American side.

U.S. authorities, not exactly expected about the strike, assert that seven Syrians were murdered — every one of them a player in the objective system — including Ghadiya himself, whose body, these sources claim, was accepted one of the helicopters when the exceptional powers withdrew the scene.

The Syrian government affirmed shock over the assault and the infringement of its national power, guaranteeing that eight Syrians were slaughtered, every one of them regular people. While there may have been non military personnel losses, it is difficult to comprehend why a gathering of regular citizens would be furnished with RPG launchers or would have possessed the capacity to take part in an amplified firefight with extraordinary strengths.

The demise or conceivable catch of Ghadiya in the assault stays one of the operation's most debated components.

For The Simple Facts 

Dates: October 26, 2008

Area: Sukkariyah, a little town close Abu Kamal in east-focal Syria, close to the Syrian fringe with Iraq

U.S. Strengths: CIA SAD specialists or Delta Force, unverified

Foe/Target: Network of activists drove by Abu Ghadiya and connected with Al Qaeda, who were sneaking firearms, cash, and psychological militants into Iraq
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